Water Chemistry Controllers

Topline are the UK’s largest manufacturer of swimming pool water chemistry controllers and offer reliable and robust products together with installation, on-site service and telephone technical support. The TEC controllers interface directly with variable speed drives to take active control of the pool circulation speed and manage energy consumption without compromising pool water conditions.

Topline TEC4000

Our flagship swimming pool water chemistry controller offers a full colour touch screen, with wireless communication and data-logging, together with an all new flow cell, housing an advanced platinum/platinum self-cleaning free chlorine sensor, further increasing chlorine measurement and control resolution.

Topline TEC2000

This workhorse of the swimming pool industry offers free chlorine, pH and (optional) redox control, with on-screen data logging displaying historical readings of measured parameters, alarms and outputs.

Water Chemistry Controllers

Topline TEC3500

A mid-range unit for the smaller pool or water feature, offering free chlorine & pH control, with a colour touch screen display.

Topline TEC3000

Designed specifically for use with domestic customers the TEC3000 uses proprietary Topline ‘fuzzy logic’ software to control the chlorine and pH without the need to recalibrate the sensors.

Ezetrol Touch

Topline also partner with Evoqua Water Technologies in the UK to offer the Ezetrol Touch, an amperometric free chlorine and pH controller. Topline are authorised stockholders and distribution partners for both the fully assembled board mounted system and associated spares.