Steam Rooms

Let Aachen Wellness take you on a journey of mind and body with our bespoke steam rooms specially designed for commercial or personal use.

The joys of steam bathing have been appreciated for centuries. Their purifying qualities stimulate blood flow, absorbing toxins from the skin and allowing you to relax and unwind tight muscles. Designed with the ultimate experience in mind, our bespoke steam rooms provide unrivalled looks, finish quality and longevity; with design innovation, technical prowess, craftsmanship, project management and project delivery.

Unmatched within our industry, Aachen Wellness designs are not available off-the-shelf and are created specifically for you, to help you realise your vision.

Creating Wellness dreams for every experience…

Freya Steam Room

Our Deluxe Freya steam room will convert a mundane space into a beautiful setting of traditional interior –fit for the goddess it is named after. With curved seats and sloping backrests, our engineers will install your room with an intricate design of mosaic to guarantee the best, most appropriate setting to lounge and unwind. Further complimented by our LED lights, they can be fitted with the latest fibre optics, purposed to enhance your steam experience.

Pure indulgence – Your journey to relaxation starts here…

Alfar Steam Room

The Alfar Bespoke Steam Room brings a modern twist on an ancient concept. With its sleek, flat edged seating and large format tiles, the Alfar Steam Room offers everything in the way of sophistication and relaxation. There are several different shapes and sizes to choose from each providing timeless finishes and styles carefully selected for aesthetics, quality and durability.  Aachen Wellness’ expert team of designers will work with you to ensure your project is completed to the highest standard.

Enjoy a unique luxury Wellness experience inspired by the practices of the past…

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