Treatment Rooms

Treatment Rooms

Treatment rooms are the heart of any spa and wellness facility. These relaxing areas are created to exude comfort and style, combining the perfect balance of luxuriously indulgent treatments in relaxed surroundings.

Aachen Wellness design and build inspirational treatment rooms that specialise in creating the right treatment environment using light, heat, and sound as well as the sybaritic and tactile.  Whether for commercial or home use all our Treatment Rooms offer a personalised approach to health and well-being.

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Treatment rooms

Rasul Mud Rooms

The Rasul Mud Treatment is a centuries old traditional Arabian body bathing ritual. A Rasul treatment uses mineral-rich mud of various colours and ingredients, along with heat and steam to provide a deep cleanse with ex-foliation which nourishes the skin. The intense combination of mud, heat and steam encourages many things from blood flow to complexion, while it revives tissues, relieves rheumatic issues and soothes aching muscles.

Relaxed – reinvigorated, and beautifully ex-foliated…

Hammam Rooms

Hammam Rooms are a Middle Eastern variant of a steam room which date back to the early 16th century. The focal point of a Hammam is the heated belly stone, traditionally located in the centre of the room, where bathers receive treatments. Not only aesthetically pleasing, but also low in maintenance and energy saving,

Eases and alleviates the stress and strain of the modern world…

Ice Room & Ice Stations

At Aachen Wellness our bespoke ice rooms epitomise the sense of rejuvenation and are quickly becoming the popular spa experience of choice within Wellness centres across the UK and Europe. These highly specialised treatment rooms provide users with a unique, refreshing and health-giving experience.

Refresh And Reinvigorate With An Ice Room…