Foot Spas, Heated Loungers, Feature Showers and Plunge Pools

Tiles foot spa

Tiled Foot Spas

Tiled Foot Spas are the perfect attribute to any home or Wellness facility in search of some additional luxury. Our bespoke Foot Spas offer a whole host of benefits from improved blood circulation, boosted energy levels, alleviating swelling and relieving body pains. All our bespoke tiled foot spas provide cold and hot options for the feet as part of a total reflexology treatment.

Your feet are the beating heart of your daily well-being…

Plunge Pools

Plunge Pools

While many people have heard of the “hot sauna cold plunge” technique, the health benefits are not always fully appreciated. The “hot sauna cold plunge” go back to the Nordic cultures who originated the technique. The technique is intense and the combination of hot and cold is referred to as the Nordic Cycle – the benefits being both physical and psychological.

Our chilled plunge pools are great for commercial and domestic uses. They are smaller in size, easier maintenance, lower cost to build compared to a swimming pool and reduced water requirements.

A plunge pool is great for hydrotherapy, relaxation and aquatic exercise. Why would you not want a plunge pool?

Relieve the stress of modern life by entering a plunge pool…

Heated Loungers

Heated Loungers

Offering elegant design, advanced technology and superior comfort, heated loungers from Aachen Wellness allow you to chase all your troubles away as you relax in total comfort.

Undulating and virtually seamless, our Tiled and Corian heated loungers represent a new concept in Wellness as they combine contemporary aesthetics with unparalleled comfort and unsurpassed relaxation experiences.

Creating luxury for wellness and relaxation…

Custom-made Feature Shower

Custom-made Feature Shower

Feature showers are at the forefront of modern wellness area design, providing an architectural focal point.

Thermostatically controlled hot, or invigorating cold water, feature showers provide a dedicated relaxation experience which can be enhanced with the addition of bespoke lighting, fibre optics and audio system to set the mood and help promote wellness and relaxation.

Paired with waterfall shower systems and spa jets which work together simultaneously for a vigorously drenched effect, this combination can really create a tranquil wellness room. For the more traditional feeling, you could also install a drench bucket, that with the pull of a chain empties cold-water over the bather.

Bring nature inside, mimicking the natural rain of outdoors into your warm indoor enclosure…

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