Pool Plant Operator (PPO) Training

Our training courses are set out to meet the specific needs of the client, and therefore we conduct all the training at your own site so that your delegates learn about their own swimming pool/spa. We would need a meeting room for the classroom based Pool Plant Operator (PPO) Theory course, for a maximum of 6 delegates.

The PPO (Theory) course is based upon the PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) guidelines, which all local EHO’s use to check to see that you are running your facilities in accordance to.

The course is accompanied by a 38 page A4 colour pool manual, that the delegates and instructor work through together. The delegates keep the book at the end of the day for reference.

Topline PPO (Theory) Curriculum;

• Health & Safety (COSHH & RAMS)
• Pool/Spa types and how they work.
• Filtration
• Heating
• Disinfection Chemicals and pH Control
• Breakpoint Chlorination
• Pool/Spa Water Testing
• Water Balance in a Swimming Pool                                                                                                                    
• Pool Equipment                                                                                                                                   
• Contamination Procedures                                                                                                                                             
• Legionella Awareness                                                                                                                                           

Course Duration: The course will take 4 to 6 hours to complete.

Evaluation: Completion of the continuous assessment throughout the day.

Certification: We issue an electronic (pdf) certificate to successful delegates.

Validity: The certificate is valid for 36 months.


Topline PPO (Practical)
We also run a plant room engineers course, called the PPO (Practical), in which the 4 main staff are trained on their own plant room, and learn how to run the major plant items, such as pumps, filters, chemical controllers, heating etc. to the correct operational standards. The PPO (Practical) course lasts 1 day (duration would depend upon the amount  and type of equipment) and is evaluated by continual assessment during the day, and all of the staff would receive a signed attendance/training record upon completion of the training.


Pool Plant Operator (PPO) Training