Pool Plant Operator (PPO) Training

Topline offer classroom and plant room based training for pool plant operators in three stages, PPO level 1 and Level 2 and a practical plant room class based upon the engineers specific site.

The courses offer an awareness of the laws, rules and recommendations surrounding pool plant operation, together with the fundamentals of what Topline call the  “5-C’s” of pool water quality: Clean Crystal Clear Comfortable Conditions.

Both PPO Level 1 and level 2 are certificated by examination and the course aims are to provide detailed training on the following topics;

PPO Level  1
Health & Safety Obligations
Pool Water Testing/Water Balance
Pool Water Chemical Dosing
Pool Filtration Systems

PPO Level  2
Pool Equipment
Contamination Procedures (Cryptosporidium)
Legionella Awareness

Pool Plant Training
Site Specific Practical Operational Training

With the above knowledge the pool operator will be able to fulfil their responsibility to:

Maintain Safe Pool Water Conditions
Keep the Plant Room Safe Clean and Tidy
Follow HSE Guidelines
Manage Risk in the Pool and Plant Area
Recognise Areas of Risk

By implementing a regular training programme leisure facilities can offer well trained knowledgeable staff who lower costs, through an understanding of the pool systems, and help increase income by improving customer loyalty and attracting new customers through the Clean Crystal Clear Comfortable Conditions in the pools and spas.


Pool Plant Operator (PPO) Training