Water Feature and Spa Blower Wireless Control

When there is a need to locally control a pump or an air blower from the pool or spa side, a wireless button mounted in a deck box lid or on the wall is an ideal method of switching the feature without the need to run expensive cabling or fragile air lines from the pool hall back to the pool plant room.

Topline offer a range of solutions to control spa air blowers, water features and interactive play structures incorporating the Topline wireless buttons and receivers together with a programmable smart relay (PLD’s) to control run duration and rest periods.

Each button is assigned its own channel number, from 1-16, and each receiver has four wireless button inputs. So with four receivers a combination of up to 16 pumps, blowers  or actuators can be controlled.

Buttons are either surface mounted in our own housing or retro-fitted to an existing deck box with an adapted pool side deck box lid. A pool side count down timer is also available to control the rest/run period together with a customer facing count down display.


Water Feature and Spa Blower Wireless Control