Ultra Violet Disinfection

Ultra violet generation has become a globally recognised standard method of water treatment for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hydrotherapy Pools, Interactive Play Structures and Water Features. 

Although ultra violet generation (UV) has been used in water treatment since the early 1900’s, it was first introduced into the UK swimming pool market in the early 1990’s, predominately to reduce combined chlorine, without the need to dump copious amounts of expensive pool water. Nitrogen Trichloride (Trichloramine) is responsible for ‘stinging eyes' , respiratory irritation and the ‘chlorine’ smell typically associated with indoor pools.  Chloramines are also known to cause corrosive condensation, which will damage pool structures and Air Handling Units (AHU).

The Topline range of low pressure (LP) ultra violet generators have no moving parts and no complex electronic and electrical systems. They need little routine maintenance, simply replacing the lamps and quartz sleeves annually. Topline LP UV units are available to suit system pool flows of up to 200m3/hr, offering an industry standard 60mj/cm2 of UV dose, at a transmission value of T10 95%, at the end of lamp life, using only 100w of power per 25m3/hr of pool flow. Using low pressure UV lamps at a wavelength of 254nm, the system has a proven chloramine reduction and germicidal effect. The flow of water through the system has been calculated to provide optimum contact with the UV light without any shadow areas, ensuring all the water is fully treated.

A UV unit will reduce the need to dump expensive water to reduce combined chlorine, showing a net positive payback on the capital investment, and will prevent such chlorine resistant micro-organisms as Cryptosporidium and Giardia from re-infecting the pool should an incident occur. The free chlorine level of the pool can typically be cut in half to offer a more pleasant environment to swim in.

Topline LP UV units are proven to improve the swimming pool water quality which in turn increases the air quality, all leading to a greater customer satisfaction and an overall reduction in costs.