Underwater LED Lights

Swimming pool and spa underwater lights are ubiquitous across all swimming pool market sectors, from domestic to health clubs & hotels, and from water parks to public pools. The use of underwater lighting is provided to increase the ambiance of the pool however it is easy to overlook the cost of running and replacing the lamps, and so a change to an energy saving unit will cut the running costs and offer a good payback period against the installation upgrade works.

Topline offer a limited 5 year warranty on our LED pool lights, manufactured in Hailsham, East Sussex. Topline LED lights are available in white, blue and 'colour changing'. Designed with on-board temperature detection, dimming the lights automatically to prevent accidental damage. Topline underwater LED lights can be supplied to retro fit to all types of underwater light niches and can be provided along with an underwater cable connector.

For new build projects Topline LED underwater lights can be fitted into a proprietary light niche from a number of manufacturers, with the appropriate adaptor kit. However, the lights were originally designed to be surface mounted and can be provided with a Topline PVC or stainless steel surface mount plate. The stainless steel version is available in two options, either in lightweight pressed steel or a heavy duty solid machined version.

In all, Topline offer a bright appealing energy saving, cost effective, LED light with the flexibility to retro-fit to all niches or surface mount for new builds.



Underwater LED Lights