Chemical Dosing Equipment

Topline Electronics offer a wide range in Swimming Pool, Spa, Hydrotherapy Pool, Interactive Play Structures and Water Feature chemical controllers for pH and chlorine. From the entry level TEC3000, Fuzzy Logic 'read-it & feed-it' controller, to the TEC2000 with Variable Speed Drive control, PAC run timers and a graphic datalogging display Topline can offer a chemical control system to suit all customer needs and budgets. And now the range has been expanded to include Siemens' best-selling controller, the Ezetrol Plus.

Chemical Feed Systems.
The choice of which chemical to use will predominately be down to the prevailing source water supply. In order to maintain a water balance that is neither too corrosive or scale forming the pH, alkalinity and hardness must all be monitored and controlled.

In softer water areas, deficient in calcium hardness and alkalinity, the water will be corrosive, with a low pH, and the potential for ‘pH bounce’. Typically a calcium hypochlorite and carbon dioxide system will be employed in this water area. Calcium Hypochlorite will chlorinate the pool whilst adding calcium to the water, and the Carbon Dioxide will reduce the pH whilst increasing the bicarbonate alkalinity.

Conversely in harder water areas, high in both calcium and alkalinity, the water will be scale forming and so a sodium hypochlorite and acid (sodium bisulphate/hydrochloric acid) system would normally be employed. The sodium hypochlorite will not add further to the calcium hardness although the acid will lower the alkalinity.

In both cases some manual intervention may be required on occasion to bring the water into 'balance', especially the alkalinity.

The addition of either chemical treatment option will have an adverse effect on the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the pool. In general terms TDS is all the leftover salts from the chemicals used to chlorinate or to control pH. The TDS may not necessarily be damaging or a cause for concern in itself, however the TDS value can be used as a 'barometer' to gauge the overall condition of the pool water when used with a base line comparison.Typically a TDS value of less than 1,000 mg/l above the incoming source water is used as a target.

Topline will provide LMI and Roytronic electromagnetic diaphragm metering pumps for the hypochlorite and acid dosing, and manufacturer our own carbon dioxide systems. We offer either Roytronic or peristaltic dosing pumps for PAC (flocculent) dosing sets. Our dosing sets are pre-assembled in the factory, together with pumps, day tanks bunds, agitators, pump fitting kits and day tank reinforcing plates, and then either shipped in our own transport, or disassembled for carrier shipping.

Whatever the requirement for Swimming Pool, Spa, Hydrotherapy Pool, Interactive Play Structures or Water Feature treatment Topline will offer a solution tailored to suit the needs of the customer.


Chemical Dosing Equipment