Topline in the Community

Topline in the Community

08 Feb 2019

Topline were very pleased to sponsor two of the trophies at this year’s Hailsham Swimming Club awards evening.

Hailsham Swimming Club is a friendly, family orientated club, serving Hailsham and its surrounding area. Formed in 1989, they provide a safe environment in which the teachers can develop swimmers up to a competitive standard.

The trophies and winners for this year’s awards were;

Club Championship Age Group Trophy
Boys 15-16 years

Award winners:
1st - Tom Barden
2nd - Thomas Exall
3rd - Lachlan Gower

Club Championship Age Group Trophy
Girls 15-16 years

Award winners:
1st - Macy Ring
2nd - Milly Widdop
3rd - Abbie Shorthouse

Topline are looking forward to seeing these swimmers develop in the coming years. And with the support of the club and their own dedication to their sport who knows what they can achieve?

PWTAG Guide 2017 - The Essential Guide

PWTAG Guide 2017 - The Essential Guide

26 Jan 2018

So, its finally here!! This essential guide is for everyone involved in the design, treatment, management and scrutiny of pools of all sorts. The 2017 edition is expanded, refined, updated and still authoritative.

Topics covered include:

  • Pollution and Hygiene of Swimming Pools
  • Correct Filtration and Disinfection
  • Pool Water Chemistry
  • Testing and Controlling Pool Water Chemistry
  • Dealing with Outbreaks
  • Hydrotherapy Pools
  • Personal Protection, Emergency Procedures
  • The Pool in its Environment
  • Spa and Leisure Pools

Click here to order your copy right now.

Topline launches TEC4000 Flagship Water Chemistry Controller

11 Oct 2016

Topline are proud to announce the launch of the new TEC4000 swimming pool chlorine and pH controller.

The new unit will become Topline’s flagship controller, heading a line-up of the TEC2000, TEC3000 and TEC3500 range of pool & spa chemical controllers.

The TEC4000 offers a full colour touch screen, with swipe menu navigation, wi-fi communication and on-screen & download data-logging, together with energy saving variable speed drive control, PAC pump output & agitator timer control. Together with an all new flow cell, housing an advanced platinum/platinum self cleaning free chlorine sensor, the TEC4000 provides increased chlorine measuring and control resolution.

…..and you’re back in the room.

…..and you’re back in the room.

22 Apr 2016

Work has completed at the NHS hospital, "on time and on budget".

Two new Waterco SMDD filters, with 5-valve face pipework have been fitted, filled with a pea gravel base and 16/30 grade silica sand.

Access for the filters was very tight, but manageable, using a chain block from the overhead lifting beam to lower the filters into the basement plant room.

After that the pipework and valving was a straight forward installation project for our engineers, completing the works to the pre-agreed programme.

Now you see it…..

Now you see it…..

08 Apr 2016

Work is progressing at a south coast NHS hospital on the replacement of the older steel filter, with new filters and five valve face pipework, for their hydrotherapy pool.

Being located in the underbelly of the hospital, the filter couldn’t be removed without cutting it up into small sections. Taking five days, the media was emptied into a skip, then the filter cut up into sections and removed.

Just to complicate the new build, there is no access for a single filter of a similar size to replace it. Therefore, smaller diameter filters are to be fitted, which have already been lowered into the plantroom from an access gantry above, with about 25mm clearance on each side.

The total contract build schedule is two weeks, from draining the old filter through to rebuild completion and recommissioning.


More to follow as the works progress.